CloneSpy is a small utility tool that works towards clearing your hard disk space. It works at an incredibly fast speed to check your system for the duplicate files that eat a lot of your hard disk memory. Duplicate files are replica files which unnecessarily occupy the storage space of your system. Removing such unwanted files from your computer enhances its efficiency and performance output.

Further, this tool is efficient at searching the files that are not identical, but, have the same file name. Such files with the same name might be older versions of the current file. Thus, with the help of this tool, you can easily find all the old versions of the current file you are working on. You can then decide on the files you want to delete from your system. In addition, this application also helps you in searching for the zero length files from your entire system. Such files have no content.

To sum it up, CloneSpy is an excellent tool to find the duplicate files from the system. Further, it helps you dig out files with identical names, content, size as well as location. It offers the control of the entire management of duplicate files in your system to the users. Further, this tool automatically deletes the redundant files forever from your system. It re-locates the redundant files to a specific location / folder. It digs out a list containing the information on all the equal sized files without deleting any. You can download this application for zero cost on your system. You don’t have to install any other program to launch this application.

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