Get the new Tracker Checker 2.0.3

Most of these sites have registration closed for the public, and only a few registration invites are sent out to selected people. However, they do open a limited number of free registration slots from time to time. The trick is to be in the loop and get to know of these registration announcements as soon as they come out. This is exactly what Tracker Checker helps you to do. Tracker Checker is a tiny program designed to keep a tab on private torrent tracker sites (especially the BitTorrent ones) for free open registration.

Moreover, now Tracker Checker 2 has been released which is an upgrade on the previous versions of this handy software utility. The main selling point for Tracker Checker version 2 is it allows you to change the list of tracker sites that you want it to check within the program interface itself. You don’t have to keep updating the trackers.xml file as was necessary in the previous editions. This allows the users to easily add a new site, or remove an unwanted one, without any hassles.

In the new version, the application interface retains the view settings, the window size and the position of the window since the last time it was opened. It also lets you configure the time interval after which Tracker Checker checks a site for new announcements. Thus, you can change the default setting of 2 minutes to any duration of your choice.

This time around, even Linux/Mac users can use Tracker Checker. You just have to go to, and get the Tracker Checker 2 executable and the trackers.xml files. Thereafter, you have to keep both files in the same directory and run the executable using Mono.

You can download Tracker Checker version 2.0.3 from here.

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