Pos Panorama Pro allows users to create innovative panoramic images without any hassles. It basically creates images overlapping a series or set of user defined images with just a few clicks. These images are ideal for preserving the memories of your family get-togethers for ever. This form of the image is perfect for capturing the beauty of a landscape forever. These images are form of memento to keep the good memories intact for lifetime. Pos Panorama Pro has been specially designed to help you capture your beautiful moments in form of panoramic images.

This application has an easy to understand interface. To create images with this tool, you need to first select the series of images which would be overlapped to form a panoramic image. Once you select the images, just leave the rest to this application. It will automatically adjust the images, horizontally or vertically, to locate all the stitch points together. Once, the image is created, you can edit it to enhance its appeal with the help of the application’ inbuilt edit features. When you are satisfied with the appearance of the image, simply click on the button, SAVE.

The best feature of this tool is its easy operation. You can quickly create horizontal as well as vertical images at the click of few buttons. This can create a panoramic image clicked from any camera model. The tool does not require the installation of any other software for overlapping images. It is compatible with image formats like JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF and GIF.

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