Download Free Image Format Converter To Convert Image File Formats

An image converter is one of the useful tools with which you could convert any of the image file to several image file format. Now, here is the new tool named as Image Format Converter which could be greatly used to convert one image file format to multiple popular image file format. The advanced algorithm functioning has been used to develop this application. Image Format Converter has insightful GUI. The popular image file formats such as gif, bmp, jpg and also bmp, tiff, icon, png, gif, jpg, psd have been supported by this tool.
In addition, you will find most of the useful image editing features in it such as blur, rotate, lighten, sharpen, darken, resize, move, set transparency, merge, use special effects and use a picture-frame or filter on any image.

Following is a list of main features of Image Format Converter:
• Able to convert an image to any format with a single click only
• Offers the facility to change image characteristics like brightness, quality, color, contrast and more
• Includes the feature to resize image on scale or using the custom size
• Feature to rotate images.
• Works well with all windows based OS and supports both 32 and 64 bit Windows
• Saves time with easy and fast conversion feature
Standalone tool and no other tool is needed to carry out the process
Absolutely free to use

Download Image Format Converter


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