Having to run through your mundane tasks such as a simple disk cleanup without having to go through the routine steps like selecting the Start menu then Programs followed by Accessories before you can accomplish your task, can be quite a relief. Well, a new free keystroke launcher known as Launchy now allows you to do just that and in fact much more. This cross platform utility is designed to index the programs in the start menu and retrieve your documents, project files, folders, and bookmarks without you manually having to browse to the folder or opening the start menu itself.

So as you start keying in the search in real time, a list of the matching programs and documents are revealed. Once you find the desired program, just hit the β€œEnter” key to launch it. While the default settings are programmed to search for programmes, users can search for documents as well. This allows you to search for just about anything on the computer from music and data files to videos and games. You can also run Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia searches or launch bookmarks. This tool is also equipped with additional plug ins that making its versatility quite attractive to users

Once you have downloaded the tool, it launches itself automatically while the computer boots and does not reveal itself unless you select the β€œalt” key as you tap the space key. To allow the tool to fade away again into the background repeat the same step or just press the escape button on your keyboard. The only drawback is the system space that it occupies which is close to 10MB of memory. In contrast to this, application launchers like SkyLight are much smaller and lighter on the system. Launchy is compatible with Windows 7, Vista and XP.

[ Download Launchy ]


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