First, one needs to know about LAME even before reading about LAME MP3. LAME is a high quality MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) encoder licensed under the LGPL. You can read more about LAME here.

Now if you are looking for conversion from LAME MP3 to WAV and back to MP3, the answer is LameDropXPd. You only have to drag and drop the file to be converted onto the interface which starts the conversion process automatically. You can also set the format to VBR, CBR, mono or stereo.

The software is extremely easy to use and understand. It is so easy that a small child can understand the program and use. The software is freely download-able which works perfectly well for all your needs.

The biggest advantage of this software is its simplicity. There are no complicated configurations or difficult to understand menu screens. For the kind of work being done by this application, the interface is extremely simple and easy to use.

The interface doesn’t give too many color options and configuration settings. Even the quality settings can be selected by moving a cursor on a scale graded from 10 to 100 selecting the lower and higher limits of the quality level of the output multimedia file.

The tagging of the files is also very easily done. You can either enter the text for the custom tagging or you can select the names from a drop down list. The software has an automated workflow which makes dealing with the input files a very easy task. You can also decide on whether to preserve or delete the input file.

The application would have been much better if it has a provision to get loaded in the system tray. Another drawback is the absence of a “close(x)” icon which is quite surprising.

[ Download LameDropXPd ]


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