This game ware is an action packed game which combines the enjoyment an arcade game with the development and strategies. Lunia Chronicles features a keyboard control that allows players to utilize various combinations of attack moves while the game offers a harmony between arcade elements and MMORPG. Choose your hero wisely and you will be on your way to fame and glory.

It is a fast paced action game involving various combinations of skills and presents a beautiful fantasy world that is full of unique quests. It attracts those with an adventurous spirit. It has a collaborated balance between RPG and action elements.

The graphics are wonderful compared to other games because the items are drawn professionally and because it is a 3D game. The skill sets are also well thought out. It has small particles drawings with battle skills which are easy to learn to use. Each avatar has its own unique power. With the proper energy, you can display your skills by attacking or adjusting your defense in real time.

With this system, your skills can be adjusted according to your needs depending on the features of each particular monster that all have their own peculiar style and behavioral patterns, so you have to fight using all of your various battle skills.

Each and every monster has different characteristics and features. You will be amazed by their seemingly limitless changes. Monsters that are beyond your wildest imagination come out from everywhere in this game.
The requirements for this game are Windows XP or Vista.

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