All game lovers, out there, read this for great news! For Nvidia has introduced the most essential Nvidia Graphic Driver to support the Windows 7 beta operating system. This Nvidia drive made especially for Windows 7 provides rich graphics and great gaming experience for all those who possess the Nvidia graphic card. By having this graphic driver in your system, it will enrich the graphic viewing in Windows 7 programs.

The most recent GeForce Nvidia graphic driver release is about 100mb for both the Windows 32 and 64 bit. If you wish to install this on your Windows 7, then opt for the it [32or 64] and move to the Nvidia download page. More of the better advanced version is yet to be released. But currently, the beta Windows 7 user is able t download the links given below.

Download NVidia  driver for 32 bit and Download Nvidia driver for 64 bit from here.


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