Xinorbis is a powerful hard disk analyzer for your system. This application optimizes a sophisticated mix of tables, graphs and tree displays to display a thorough overview of the hard disk of the system. Such graphical presentations make it easy for the users to learn the details on their hard disk. It gives you information on details like contents, file distribution and structure of your hard disk. Further, it provides detailed reports on the mapped network drive and directory of your system.

The striking feature of this application is its ability to merge the analysis of several drives, directories together in one single report. Further, the reports generated by this application can be exported to HTML, XML or ASCII formats. It allows you to save the analysis reports for future use. You can compare the changes and the developments that has taken place in your drives. It allows you to set the size of the information on the report for the convenience of the readers. It offers support to XP style. It works at an incredibly high speed. It has an amazing capability to scan a directory thoroughly with the help of an internet explorer.

Xinorbis is compatible with operating systems like Windows XP and Windows Vista. You can download the installer for this tool or install the zip archive to launch it on your portable media like USB flash drive. It can be downloaded by any online user for no cost at all. Further, there is no requisite for installing this application on your system.

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