How good is your system at handling real-time data streams ? Are the data streams being handled effectively on your computer ? To answer these questions you can download DPC Latency Checker from the ‘Thesycon’ for free.

DPC Latency Checker is a free utility tool that measures the efficiency of your Windows based PC. It basically tests the capabilities of your system to handle real time data streams. It further digs out the reasons for the disturbances, interruptions and drop-outs of in the audio and video streams. Latency is an inevitable delay that slows the down your computer’s efficiency to record and play back the audio information. This software has been specially designed to check the level of the latency in your system.

This amazing software does not require any installation. You simply need to double click the icon appearing on your desktop. Moreover, it offers an extremely simple to use interface. This tool displays the details of the existent latency with a simple graphical representation. It also shows values on the current latency and the highest value in latency recorded so far. The graph bars would be represented with the use of colors to help the users easily understand the level of latency in their system.

DPC Latency Checker records the response time of your system. This time gets immensely influenced by the presence of other applications running on your system. The ideal way to fetch accurate results with this tool is to launch it only after closing all other applications running in your computer. This will help the tool to reveal the accurate information on the discrepancies in your system. This tool is available for free download. It further does not require any other supporting tool to get activated in a system.

[ Download DPC Latency Checker ]


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