MemTest is a tester to the check the reliability of RAM. It is the open source software and specially designed meant for testing the ability of your system’s memory. It is one of the best measures to check your system’s capacity for storing and retrieving data. A proper functioning system is expected to retrieve as well as store your fed information with 100 % accuracy. If the system fails to deliver 100 per cent result, then probably your hardware is old, damaged or incorrectly configured. If you run the software, MemTest, in your system after every specific time period, you will easily learn about the efficiency of your system’s RAM.

MemTest basically tests the x86 architecture of your computer’s Random Accessory Memory (RAM). It launches tests to measure the efficiency of the memory to accept as well as retain the arbitrary patterns of the written text. This application helps users to launch their system programs promptly. It alerts you with the hardware discrepancies, if any, so that the users can rectify them on time. It settles on the system tray, thus it does not occupy much of your computer’s RAM. This tool also helps users to find other hidden errors that appear to function normally.

MemTest is a reliable tool to save your system from corruption or severe damages. It alerts you on the errors in the system on time. It informs you on the precise condition of your RAM. If it is severely corrupted or damaged, it can be well replaced on time.

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