You must be receiving hundreds of files daily from many sources like e-mails, pen drives of your friends and or downloading it from internet. Have you ever received a corrupt file?

Yes, we often get corrupted files but what if that corrupted file is urgent and important, and moreover you don’t have the backup of the file. It’s a difficult situation, but problems like this are faced by many of us.

Instead of assuming that a corrupted file is a big loss you now have the option to fix this problem. The application called as Repair My word allows you to repair corrupted files. What’s more this easy to use tool is actually free.

Repair My Word is a useful freeware for Microsoft Word documents as it enables data recovery of valuable documents. If you have any kind of corrupted file in the .doc format i.e. word file and it does not open then you can extract its contents through this application. All the data from the corrupted file gets saved as an error free file in the Microsoft word document that is ready to use with no errors in it. You can get a fully recoverable word file in few minutes. Sounds great, doesn’t it? So what are we waiting for? Just grab this software which is absolutely free and install it on your computer to recover the word files without any difficulty.

Repair My Words has some following feature:

  • All .doc files supported
  • View your corrupt file
  • Repair .doc in few minutes
  • 100% guaranteed
  • Free download

How it works?

Just open the word file that is corrupted. While opening the file you can see its preview in the preview window. The recoverable text will be there in that preview. Just copy that text into other working Microsoft word file. It is simple to use, no technical knowledge requires, and the recovery is 100% guaranteed.


  1. DOC Repair Kit is a comprehensive Microsoft Word DOC repair tool with immense potential and an interface that makes the entire procedure a snap. Based on a lightning-fast proprietary core, the program knows how to repair Word DOC files in situations when other tools appear completely helpless.

    For more information:

    If this way didn’t work, try to find the answer here:

  2. Sometimes it is better not having to repair corrupted file.

    You can achieve this by having automated backup file that is created/updated whenever your original file is saved.

    In case of problems you can use this .bak file


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