TweakNow PowerPack 2009 is a freeware tool integrated with multiple utilities that work towards fine tuning every aspect of your browser and operating system. This tool is one of the most powerful Registry cleaners available on net. It offers you simple and convenient ways to keep your registry junk-free. This suite provides you more than 100 hidden window settings. These settings can be viewed from the Windows Secret section of your operating system. You can easily optimize these settings to customize your Windows as per your likings.

TweakNow PowerPack 2009 is a power-packed tool that lets you undertake all sorts of system cleaning and maintenance measures. Its inbuilt features allow users to clean up their start-up menu, clear windows registry and eliminate uninstalled as well as redundant applications in your system. This works wonders at preventing the degradation in your PC’s performance. This application features a tremendous AutoShutdown tool. This feature helps you to shutdown, hibernate or suspend your system after a specified time frame. It augments the security aspect of your system by making it unavailable for use to unauthorized remote users.

Further, this tool comes with a pre-installed CD AutoRun feature. This feature is nothing but an extension of Windows’ DVD and CD autorun features. It makes your audio listening and movie viewing experience utmost easy and hassle free. Further, this feature lets you run maximum four custom designed desktop configurations at the same time. This gives you the freedom of tailoring your system’s screen to your requirements.

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