Drive Manager is  tool that makes your management of various drives installed in your system simpler. With the help of this tool, you can easily organize different types of drives like CD-ROM, thumb drives, DVD, mapped network drives, smart media, thumb drives (USB memory sticks), compact flash, CD-ROM and DVD drives.

This is one of the most useful drive management tools for your system that helps you easily identify between the drives of similar type. It displays eminent details that help you distinguish between two identical CD and DVD drives. It further helps you differentiate between two similar USB thumb drives by displaying their versions, revision date and manufacturers name. This application also provides you with SMART information on hard disks and drives. It helps you with the detailed information on the disk, flag and capabilities of the drive.

One of the striking features of this application is that it lets you hide your specified drives from the Windows Explorer. You can easily do this by right clicking on the drive. You simply need to select the option “Hide Drive” from the list of options that display. You can make your drive visible again by following the same path and selecting the option “Show Drive”. However, when you hide the drive, it is still visible in the Drive Manager for the convenience of the users. Some of the key capabilities of this tool are its efficiency of drive management in accordance with the availability of the free space. Further, it has provisions to lock and unlock your DVD drives and CD ROM.

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