DataRecovery is a useful software that helps users to recover all their files deleted accidentally. This tool can be used to recover all the lost files due to the corruption or damage of your system. This is a freeware best used by large scale business organizations to undelete massive files saved in your hard drive or disk. The striking advantage of this application is that it can differentiate between NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, FAT12 hard drives. Thus, it can be efficiently used to undelete these drives and re-locate them to their prior locations.

Data Recovery tool is immensely compatible with Operating Systems like Windows XP or Windows Vista. In these operating systems, this tool does not delete any file without overwriting the location of the disk where it was positioned. Further, this tool has a user friendly interface which can be easily used by new users. This tool is the ideal application for retrieving NTFS compressed files. Further, this tool can be used for un-deleting EFC formatted files. It has provisions to delete the purposely deleted files forever from your system. It can be easily accessed via a floppy disk or USB memory.

This amazing tool allows you to search for the deleted files by searching for the partial string from their file name. Further, you can also undelete only specific files from the entire directory. It allows you a convenient short cut to delete the files by pressing Shift +Cntrl keys. You can rename the undeleted files by simply right clicking them from the list of recovered files.

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