Easy Video Splitter is a free immense utility tool that allows users to split their large sized videos into smaller videos. This splitter nearly supports all the video formats including MPEG as well as AVI/DivX files. It makes your job utmost easy by allowing you to preview your video and make selections of the portions. This means that as you view your video, you can easily keep selecting the sections that you would like to split. The inbuilt visual editing mode of this application allows you to select and extract multiple segments of varied sizes. Or, you can generate multiple portions of a large sized video, by feeding specific size and duration. The application will then cut the video file according to the specifications.

This program is absolutely easy to use. You need not be a qualified technician to access the features of this application. Easy Video Splitter makes splitting of MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 files absolutely convenient like never before. It majorly employs two methods of splitting videos. First through custom selections and second through automatic splitting into numerous videos!

The strong point of this application is that it works at a fast speed. Secondly, there is absolutely no quality loss in the output videos. This application also supports batch splits and multiple splits of a single video. This application is available at zero cost for download. There is absolutely no need for the installation of any other program or plug-ins to access the features of Easy Video Splitter.

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