Split MP3 is a simple utility tool that allows users to split their MP3 files. With the help of this tool you can easily cut, trim or split a large MP3 file save as a new file. This tool is loaded with an audio player. This player allows you to manually select the segments from the MP3 file which you want to slice out. You can further automatically split an audio file into equal sized portions.

This tool helps the users to trim audio files in the formats WAV, OGG and WMA apart from MP3. You can cut portions from varied music files and integrate them together to form your own unique music. This tool further supports the procession of files in batches. It further helps you to customize settings for the output parameters. This file can also help you convert the file formats among MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG formats. It has the key features of playing the music before trimming the music file.

What makes Split MP3 different from the rest of MP3 cutters? This tool works at an unmatchable speed and quality. Optimizing this tool on a frequent basis does not have any hazards imposed by a virus, adware or a malicious spyware. This tool promises to offer lifetime technical assistance and support to its users. Further, it keeps getting updated with the latest version in the web. Therefore, whenever you switch on your system you will see an updated version of this application. It has an absolutely fresh but easy to use interfere.

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