Using Sothink Movie DVD Maker to write DVDs with ease

For those Windows users using Vista, or later versions, the default DVD Maker has a considerable number of options and utility – making it a viable option. However, XP users might find a good DVD authoring software hard to come across. Thus, if you have created a movie on Movie Maker, or edited your own video montage using a small number of short clips from here and there, and now wish to burn them as a movie DVD; you are at a loss for options. In this regard, Sothink Movie DVD Maker is a great application that can come to your rescue.

Keeping with the expectations, Sothink Movie DVD Maker gives you the ability to convert and then burn almost any video format into a DVD movie. The supported list of format is exhaustive – including MOV, AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, etc. It even lets you take camera movie formats such as MTS and M2TS and burn them as movie DVDs.

You are also given options to create DVD menus while writing the content – which is extremely useful if you are burning several movies on to a single DVD. Furthermore, Sothink Movie DVD Maker also supports a list of basic movie-editing functions such as trimming of video clips, integration of multiple clips in to a single one, appending subtitles and so on.

This simple and well-designed application is compatible with all Windows versions, and is available in a free version. At a small cost of $29.95, you can buy a pro version, which, of course, will have a larger range of functions and utilities.

One thing to note while using Sothink Movie DVD Maker in the US is that the default playback support in most DVD players there is NTSC, whereas the default setting in Sothink Movie DVD Maker is PAL. So remember to change it to NTSC before you write the DVD.

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