Efficient Searching and Reading of Wiki Articles with the Help of PowerSet

Wikipedia the famous free encyclopedia supporting multiple languages is hosted by the non profit Wikimedia foundation. This encyclopedia comes with a huge database and displays good information for any search. Retrieving accurate search information in a short time span is a challenge. A tool called PowerSet will help this powerful website to retrieve accurate information efficiently in a very systematic manner.

PowerSet tool is specifically designed to meet the needs of people searching information from Wikipedia. Entering the search keyword in the textbox returns a list with few summaries related to the search keyword. The results so obtained are more structured and faster.

A user seeking information on people like Obama will get summary details such as birth date, birth place, spouse’s nationality, occupation and many more. The summary data actually might fulfill a user’s need without having to expend more time in searching and reading from the entire article.

This tool allows a user to retrieve more information effectively with the help of Factz. It is an option that allows one to obtain any specific information on the searched keyword. This helps in finding information easily and effectively.
If a user wishes not to use factz then he/ she can search from summarizes page. The best feature of summarizes page is that a miniviewer tool is attached to it. This tool allows one to view the content of an article in a small pop up window instead of opening the direct article link.

Launching this simple tool requires one to only click an arrow placed on the left side of the title. This tool also provides a quick hyper-link for every subtitle in an article. A user can preview this subtitle and directly switch to your preferred paragraph.

PowerSet is the best search-tool available for Wikipedia which comes loaded with lot many features to enhance searching techniques. To use this great tool with its additive features like miniviewer, a user is encouraged to update their browser with latest versions available such as IE8, Opera 9.6, Safari 3.1 and Firefox 3.x

A user can download the Powerset software to enhance their wiki searches.


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