Download Free Wallpaper Changer To Automatically Change Wallpapers In Windows 7

Microsoft Corp. has added a new feature in Windows 7 named as Wallpaper Changer which is available with Desktop Slideshow feature. This feature helps you if you like to change your desktop wallpaper frequently. The new Wallpaper Changer application is freeware. Wallpaper Changer is a wallpaper manager which changes the background images automatically on every startup.

The change takes place either on regular basis or once in a day. The file formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP are supported by this app. It automatically selects screen property as tile, center or resize to full screen. It also analyzes the each and every wallpaper to suit it in background for best appearance and for easily readable icon caption colors.

Wallpaper Changer provides pretty easy way to save and reload or create your favorite wallpapers collection. There is an easy way to add whole directories or single pictures via drag and drop action. You can add them from explorer or else you can select supported graphics by searching all your hard drives. To display your wallpaper more effectively, it gives a transparent background to all desktop icons captions.

To use this application, just download WPCSetup_v1.90.exe. There is no need of installation, just place it in any folder and run.


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