Fully Customized Google Talk Version For iPod Touch And Apple iPhone app

Google is undoubtedly the world’s most popular email providing service. Now, Google has launched a new edition of Google Talk which is especially designed for iPod Touch and Apple iPhones. The main reason for Google supplying their services to competitor’s devices like iPhones and iPod Touch is clearly to gain control of larger market.

This application not only allows users to send or receive Gmail messages, it also allows the Apple iPhones and iPod Touch users to chat with their friends who are listed in their Google Talk list of contacts.

As the above application is designed for iPod Touches and iPhones, you can simply go to Google Talk using the Safari browsers, which is already installed in these devices. Then after signing in you can start the instant messaging utility. The Google Talk, which is customized plus tailor-made for Apple users, does not need any third party software to be downloaded or installed in the Apple phones.

This latest Google Talk designed for Apple devices is somewhat different as of the Google Talk on your computers. This customized Google Talk for Apple devices have to be run through Safari browser. If the user navigates to another browser window or to any other application, the status will be removed to “unavailable”. However, their last Google Talk session restarts when they come back to the main browser.

Except these restrictions, normally other features that are accessible in the usual Google Talk version are still unchanged.

Dowload link.


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