Konvertor : The All-purpose Media Utility

The recently released Konvertor is a multipurpose utility (for Linux) that supports many formats, and functions as an image previewer; a conversion tool for audio, video, and even text files; as well as a browser for thumbnails. This amazing tool will not only organize all your multimedia files (with your own personalized description) but also help you to search for your media files in a faster and smarter way.

With the user-friendly and smart Konvertor interface, you can perform functions like viewing, editing, modifying, organizing, enhancing and printing your image files with ease. A total of 160 filters in Konvertor let you re-interpret your image files in a new light altogether. Moreover, the incredible “add on” feature for Windows Explorer lets you preview images more suitably – you just have to right-click the image file, and a thumbnail preview comes up – giving you options to convert the image file to other formats, send it by email, set it as your desktop background, and so on.

Here is a list of the main features of Konvertor:

Image editing – which include over 15 different functions such as resizing and rotating, adding noise, aliasing, bending, and so on.

• Over 160 different filters, ranging from the traditional ones like Gaussian blur, emboss, oilify, posterize, and grayscale to really amazing ones like the edge-detector, the max filter, and the Laplacian ones.

• The quick photo readjustment tool has been revamped, making it powerful and easy to use.

• There is a Category Management facility that lets you classify your photos in albums and other such categories

• A digital watermarking tool that lets you protect the copyright of your images

Conversion of ASCII TXT files (and from the clipboard) to image files is made easy

• Konvertor also lets you capture screenshots

• You can create slide shows with Konvertor, and add amazing transition effects

Add-on features for the Windows Explorer

• With regard to audio conversion, Konvertor supports encoders such as LAME and BladeEnc

Content from compressed files (such as ZIP, RAR, ARJ, LHA, etc.) can be extracted

• Extracting the audio from an audio/video file also becomes easier with Konvertor

• There is a CD converter that converts all CD formats to the popular ones like MP3

• Sending music and media files via email is simple and easy with Konvertor

• Konvertor also lets you download images from the net and upload them via FTP

• A FAX viewer is also included that supports over 30 formats of FAX

The latest version has further improved features – such as new formats, skins, and effects; extraction of music from power point presentations, and new additions to the FLAC and EXIF files list. Moreover, 6 video formats, 7 image formats, and 3 audio formats have been added to the supported-files list. Konvertor has a 30-day free trial version that can be downloaded from here.



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