Download Latest Installer To Keep Your Installed Applications Up To Date

It is not an easy job to keep all installed software applications up to date for all time. For enjoying the new features in the applications, you will need to check for the updates on the respective websites. This could be pretty time consuming and exhausting activity as you should go to each website and then check for the updates for respective applications.

Using a small application named as Ketarin, you will be able to addresses this concern. It helps you to monitor the applications and also you can verify whether the installed software application is latest or not. When there is need to download the latest version of any software, Ketarin will automatically download the latest installers to keep your software applications up to date.

Ketarin is quite similar to Radarsync, which scans all the drivers including all the software applications installed in PC. Radarsync is able to create an efficient installer’s links list. On the other hand, Ketarin works in a slightly different way. Ketarin is able to find out the available latest version for your installed software applications. The installer is then automatically downloaded to the path which is specified by you.

You will not be forced to install the newest version of application and you can decide whether to install it now or later. Ketarin, by default, utilizes FileHippo for obtaining the updated installers. In case, an update installer for your most preferred software is not obtainable by this website, you can go for another URL.

When the download process of installer completes, you can define or write the commands to run, for example virus scans, unzipping the zip package, background installation and so on. This software is an open source free application. A language C# for .Net Framework 2.0 is used to design it. SQLite is used as a database engine.


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