LogoMaker version 2 Is Available To Download For Free with Genuine License Code

A logo symbolizes the brands name and promotion. The attractive and unique logo could be the imperative elements of any business or venture. Logo symbolizes the company identity in the market. Usually people identify the company by their unique logo and that’s why companies try to make their logo unique and attractive.
The special and innovative logo will help company to stand out from the crowd. LogoMaker is a powerful logo maker application, which provides users tools to create compelling logos without spending dollars to get it done by other firm. There are several outsourcing companies available that offer logo creating service to companies against huge amount of service charge. You can save substantial amount of money by using LogoMaker handy application.
With this application users can create unique logo from the new templates or edit the predesigned templates. Moreover, Logomaker comes with 500 modifiable logos and templates categorized by interest and industry. These all preloaded templates are professionally designed to cater for the requirement of the users.
Users can modify and edit these logos and create the new logo of their company. Additionally, LogoMaker has 2,500 objects and shapes for creating logos. Users will get all features that required for creating and designing the unique logo such as vector base shape editor, drag & drop, graphic engine for text & image manipulation, blur type, transparency, shadow, depth structure, shininess and many more.

Prominent features of LogoMaker

• Text and object editing effects: Transparency, shadow, gradient, 3D, reflection mirror, blur and etc.
• Interactive interface
• Polygonal, regular, wavy, projective, and concave text
• Advanced alignment tools
• Image adjustment tools such as grayscale, emboss, and invert
• Complete layer control
• Attractive, transparent and solid color background
• Export to JPG, PDF, TIF and other file formats
You can download LogoMaker 2 for $29.99 with genuine license key.


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