Download Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 RTW “See The Light” Absolutely Free

Recently Microsoft has released the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight to web (RTW) named as Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 build 3.0.40624.0. The Microsoft Silverlight is a powerful web application framework, which is one of the main competitors to Adobe Flash. Now, this latest version is available for free download with which you could “light up the web”.

Silverlight 3 has been integrated with many features and improvements which are stated as below.

  • Smooth Streaming: With this, you could easily view videos of 720p or better HD avoiding the buffering of the video. This feature could be experienced with the link given Here
  • Offline and out-of-browser support has been introduced.
  •  Perspective 3D support: With this feature, you could transform2D elements to 3D.
  • Supports H.264 video and AAC audio decoding
  • GPU acceleration
  • TreeView
  • Includes DataGrid  along with large number of controls options
  • Integrated with a variety of layout panels
  • Introduced the DataForm which could be used for forms-driven applications
  • View paginated data with the help of DataPager
  • Supports deep-linking along with hyperlinked navigation model
  • Features ClearType text rendering
  • Feature of file saving location has been introduced

The Program Manager for the Silverlight, Tim Heuer, has explained all the features of the latest Silverlight 3.0 on his blog. This blog is very useful mainly for developers.

Now, the new online version of Silverlight 3.0 is going to be hosted by Microsoft with the help of Microsoft Expression 3.0. The official release will be carried out at You could use the link, to download and install the Microsoft Silverlight 3.0. You could also use the following link to download the Silverlight.exe setup installer Here.

For the developers, the new tool named as Expression Blend 3 + SketchFlow RC has been launched. This is the visual tool used mainly for designing. You could also use this tool to prototype the application of Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for Silverlight web and desktop applications. Just use the following link Here to download this tool.


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