Animate a Face Image with Motion Portrait tool

Recently, a Japanese company has released a photo transforming application called Motion Portrait – that lets you change your static images into great animated features. This software creates an automatic 3-D face model from a single picture of a person’s face. Thereafter, the 3-D model forms the base that lets you transform the face into a large number of different facial expressions.

The interface is simple and easy-to-use. You can simple use the mouse, keyboard, a touch-pen, or even sound to manipulate the facial expressions of the image, and get amazingly natural results. Further, this animated image, or the different static versions that are generated, can be then put in other applications for use. It can even be used on the latest generation of mobile phones.

This might seem a little weird and strange at first. However, once you get the hang of it, this tool can be real fun to use. You can start dynamically add content to the image – such as sunglasses, make-up, hairstyles, etc. You can even make it talk and move round, but this will take a higher degree of expertise.

This new tool opens up new possibilities in the entertainment and gaming industry, with animation as a major focus. This application is ideal for use in games and in the generation of avatars in social networks and/or forums. Currently, there is a lot of speculation going on about the actual uses that this tool can be put to – and the opinions are wide and varied on this count.

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