Download MS Office Compatibility Pack To Open, Edit, View And Save Office 2007 Files In Office 2000, XP And 2003

Since the time Microsoft released and started distributing 2007 MS Office System in the year 2007, a number of corporate as well as retail customers have upgraded and switched on from Office 2000, Office XP or Office 2003 to MS Office 2007.  MS Office 2007 offers a lot of new enhancements including a whole new GUI (Graphical User Interface) with tabbed toolbar which is entirely task-oriented.

Among the new features that are included in MS Office 2007 business productivity suite, the major difference is the usage of new XML formats as default file formats. Whenever you create Excel 2007 workbooks and spreadsheets, PowerPoint 2007 presentations and Word 2007 documents, they are saved by default using the file extensions such as .xlsx, .pptx and .docx respectively.

However, these new XML based extensions are not supported by older versions of MS Office (XP, 2000 and 2003). Therefore, you are unable to open, edit, view or save any Office 2007 files using the previous versions of MS Office. The best solution to this problem is to upgrade to MS Office 2007.

Once you upgrade to MS Office 2007, there will be no compatibility issues related to spreadsheets, documents and presentations created and saved in different versions of MS Office. MS Office 2007 comes with a backup compatibility support which contains Office files of almost all older versions of MS Office.

However, not all companies and all users are able to upgrade to MS Office 2007 due to the price consent. In such cases, users who use the older versions of MS Office such as Office XP (2002), Office 2003 and Office 2000 will be unable to open, edit, view or save the files which are created in MS Office 2007.

Nevertheless, to take care of this issue related to Excel, Word and PowerPoint 2007 XML file formats, Microsoft offers MS Office Compatibility Pack. This compatibility Pack eliminates all Compatibility issues related to MS Office files and allows you to exchange files and documents between various MS Office releases.

If you happen to run MS Office XP version (i.e. Excel XP, Word XP ,PowerPoint XP), MS Office 2003 version (i.e. Excel 2003, Word 2003, PowerPoint 2003), or MS Office 2000 version (i.e. Excel 2000, Word 2000, PowerPoint 2000), you need to simply download this Compatibility Pack (FileFormatConverters.exe) from Microsoft website and install the same on your system.

After doing so, you’ll be allowed to open, edit, view and save workbooks and spreadsheets, documents and presentations in XML format of MS Office 2007 using your existing MS Office version (i.e. XP (2002), 2000 or 2003). You do not need to upgrade to MS Office 2007 anymore.

If you wish to open, edit or view any excel, word or PowerPoint 2007 file in MS Office XP, 2000 and 2003, you need to just double-click on the workbook, document or presentation. You can save the files by clicking on the button “Save”.

 In order to create a file in 2007 XML format, you need to simply open a fresh blank workbook, document or presentation and save the file or documents by clicking on the button “Save”. While saving Excel and PowerPoint 2000 files, you need to right-click on the Excel or PowerPoint file and choose the “Save As” option.


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