Download To Search For Right Program To Open Files With Unknown Extensions

There might be many instances when you might have faced difficulty in finding proper programs to open files with unique extensions. Now with, you no more need to worry about finding the correct program to open files with unfamiliar extensions. is a Desktop Tool which helps you search for the appropriate program for opening any kind of file quite easily. In case you are unable to find any, this utility takes you directly to the link online for downloading the correct application.

When you try to install, it will prompt you to install PC MightyMax 2009 which is a popular registry cleaner known to accelerate your PC and fix many maddening issues. In case you do not feel that this registry cleaner is necessary, you may just un-check the option, skip its installation and move ahead with the installation of

Once you finish the installation process, in order to run this utility, all you need to do is right-click on any file with an unknown format and select “ – How do I Open This?” option. will search for an appropriate program and if it does not find any such program installed, it will take you to the link to download it. works well with Windows 98/2000/ME/XP/Vista. Moreover, this utility is available for free download


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