Download Perfect Utilities For Free To Optimize Windows OS Easily

Most of the times, we have to use numerous utilities programs to find out and resolve the exact error in the Windows OS. Now, here is a new tool namely “Perfect Utilities” which is the best alternative for the existing utilities tools. Perfect Utilities is a user friendly tool which has simple user interface. With this tool you could easily optimize your system and fix almost all errors such as deadlock errors, blue screen, slow speed and etc. It as well greatly maintains system security and stability, gives you a smooth system performance.

As the name implies, Perfect Utilities is really perfect optimizing solution for any computer. It includes over 20 systems cleaning and optimization tools along with Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, Junk File Cleaner, System Information, Memory Optimizer, Safe Uninstaller, Registry Backup Tool, File Encryption Tool, File Recovery Tool, Duplicate File Finder, Disk Defragment Tool, File Shredder and etc. All these tools have been efficiently organized into categories and offers graphical statistics.

Key Features
• Able to fix more than 99% of the errors such as blue screen, deadlock and enhances the potential performance comprehensively.
• Efficiently optimizes memory, hard disk and the entire Windows operating system providing maximum performance from your computer.
• Reduces the chances of the errors like deadlock, pops and some other errors to boost up computer’s efficiency.
• Free up hard disk space by removing all the junk files and boosts the overall performance of the system.
• Efficiently fixes all the bugs which are the main reasons for IE malfunction
• Removes the IE history for protecting the privacy and also boosts up data transmission to get the best web surfing experience.
• Removes all of your computer history to prevent your confidentiality and private data like Credit Card Number, Password, Account and other vulnerable data from getting public.
• Keeps Windows secure and fast by managing all the startup process.
• Uninstall the applications which you don’t need any more to save disk space while maintaining your system unproblematic and clean.
• Undo and Backup option are provided with which you could simply recover some changes and re-establish the Windows Registry to earlier state.
• Scan the entire system for updates and displays update options which helps to take benefit from latest advanced technologies.
• Facility for Full Optimization with a single click so that you could quickly get faster performance, unused files removed, extra disk space and all the errors fixed.
• Cleans the content form your RAM, optimizes and boost performance of the system up to 200%
• Displays all the data abut memory usage, CPU information and data about running applications.
One-Click Maintenance feature has been introduced.
• An all-in-one tool for system maintenance is able to optimize, repair and protect the system to pick up overall performance.
Perfect Utilities is absolutely free to use and works well with Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows Server 2008, Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP and Windows 7.

download Prefect Utilities • Link for Perfect Utilities v2.01 (en) and • Link for Perfect Utilities v2.01 (zh_CN)


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