Download Photo Albums With Flickr Auto Downloadr

Flickr is an online service which allows photo sharing option on a website. It has got lots of features like manage, publicize and even store the photos online. Every hour more than thousands of pictures are being uploaded to the server. Due to privacy issues they don’t allow downloading those photos in your system.

With the help of Flickr Auto Downloadr, you can download any photos and you can even download a complete album from Flickr website to your personal system. As it is a freeware, it costs nothing for downloading this third party tool. It is solely based on Windows and has been developed with the help of Flickr Autolt and API.

In Flickr Auto Downloadr, there is an inbuilt search feature with which you can even look for for any photos mentioning sets, favorites, groups etc. This tool supports filtering of the photos according to your wish.


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