Fugo has announced the launch of it’s first commercially available product which is a digital picture frame at the Computex 2009 at Tapei. This digital picture frame has been launched in partnership with Pandigital in the U.S. The product has been made available in the market since summer 2009.

The specialty of this picture frame is that it is web enabled and the user can download photos from different social networks or online photo services using it. With the help of this web enabled picture frame the users may also download images directly from a personal computer or digital camera.

The Fugo picture frame utilizes a version of Windows in combination with commonly available web “widgets,” which can publish information ranging from the time and weather to currency exchange rates and even horoscopes. It is a next-generation digital-picture frame and is competent to share web content

Fugoo is a fresh platform for the advancement of a new generation of digital interent devices. These are popularly referred to as ‘neo diginet’. The Open Fugoo Alliance is a conglomerate of technology expertise companies coming together for accelerating innovation in the technology know-how. They have developed the pioneering platform called the Fugo Block. It is a complete, open, and free hardware and software platform .

With the development of the Fugoo Block the gateways to development of new and innovative internet enabled products. With the advent of this platform the OEM manufacturers such as toy, furniture and appliance manufacturers can noow easily expand the range of products provided by them to include new products that are “smart” and Internet enabled. Also the developers can now devise and build personalized applications to engage all the different Fugoo users.

Fugoo, Microsoft, VIA, and Foxconn have mutually decided to promote new devices that are capable of delivering a wide range of information and content to all kinds of appliances and products used in homes ranging from clocks to picture frames and coffee makers.


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