Download PPStream Software To Watch Chinese, Taiwanese, Singaporean, Korean Movies And TV Shows

September 2nd, 2010

Do you love watching Easter Asian channels ? If you love watching any of the Mainland China, Japanese, Hong-Kong, Taiwanese, Singaporean, or Korean channel, then you should download PPStream software for free.

PPStream streams video from network, basically works on the peer-to-peer technology (non-techies, need not worry about the underlying technology), and runs them on your personal computer or Laptop. The only two requirements for this are, you need to have Internet service available on your system and PPStream installed on your system.
It’s better to have broadband internet connection for uninterrupted service rather than the dial up internet service.

With PPStream, it’s not just East Asian channels you can stream, you can watch some of the most popular TV shows and films aired in America, some famous sports channels, and for all your anime lovers – you can watch Japanese anime too !

Visit PPStream, I bet you’ll not understand a bit from there, as the site is in Chineese ;) .

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    pps is being stupid

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