Download Skype Version 1.3 For Free For Ipod And Iphone

The best VoIP service is, no doubt, Skype. It allows any of their users to call and chat with their buddies for as long as they want for free on the computer. Other than direct calling it also supports voice mails, text messaging, and lots of other features too.

With the brand new release of Skype for mobile, called Skype Version 1.3, any Apple iPod or iPhone users can call their friends and families using Skype for free. As we all know that calls from Skype to Skype is free and now as Skype is available on iPod and iPhone, all the Apple iPod and iPhone users can call their Skype buddies without spending a single penny.

Features of Skype version 1.3 for iPod and iPhone are mentioned below:

  • Communication is faster using Wi-Fi
  • You can message faster with quick typing.
  • For new users all the help, hints and even tips are mentioned in this section.
  • All the old flaws are overcome in the latest version.
  • Stability of the device and application is improved and enhanced.


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