3 more million views in 5 hrs ?? The power of viral marketing !!

For those who want to download this video to your desktop, read this post – http://www.techbuzz.in/how-can-i-download-videos-from-metacafe-megavideo-to-my-computer.php

If you want to download the mp3 of this song, read this post – http://www.techbuzz.in/how-can-i-convert-youtube-songs-to-mp3.php


  1. I heard susan’s version first and had the firm roots, so may be I liked susans version better than the other one. No offense, the original too is awesome, but susan wins it hands down 🙂

  2. Mmm I dunno if I can say this but I prefer the original song compared to Susan’s version and I had it downloaded to my pc the very minute I heard her in Yahoo news. The original is something no one should miss. But I guess Susan has done a wonderful job too.


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