To set up a particular codes separately on a regular basis, you may incur a lot of stress and it is a clumsy job. In some cases, where a group of codec [codec packs] can be downloaded, it may not be necessary that your media players always respond to the needed file format.

Generally, these codec packs, most of them being a one-time install package, come absolutely free and to name one – Vista Codec Pack. Though Vista codec pack works on all media format extensions, it is built solely for Windows Vista System, but works equally well for Windows XP too.

Choose any Windows Vista platform – audio or video format like MKV,MP4, MOV, OGG, or any other formats, then it has to be a Vista Codec Pack- the best one you have chosen!

Again, it is fee of cost and can be found in 32 bit, 64 bit Windows form. Shark has introduced this codec pack and is about 20 mb in size.


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