Download Titimer In Order To Count Boring Time

Usually timer applications are being used to monitor and control any event completely. For instance, you can use the timer to monitor the time taken by an animation slideshow or see the periodic progress while you are doing exercise and many others.

If you have little bit knowledge about programming, then you can easily create your timer application and customize it according to your convenience. However, there is a cool timer available named, TiTimer that does not features any fancy functions like other timers. It is a uniquely designed having a good alert sound.


This TiTimer features 5, 10, 30, 60 seconds intervals. If you have set 5 seconds interval, then timer will alert you at every 5 seconds of interval. Similarly, if you set 5 and 10secods interval, timer will alert you at every 5 seconds and 10 seconds as well. The process will continue in the case of 5, 10 and 30 seconds interval.

It is free to download and compatible with almost Windows operating system. It might be possible that some users do not find it relevant because it offers up to 60 seconds interval only. But one thing is sure that you can kill time and make use of your boring time whenever you want, like you boss is going on and on for something.


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