Speed Up Net Surfing Response Time in Firefox 3.1 with Enabled TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine

As mentioned before about the new feature enhancement of Smart Location Bar Firefox 3.1 Beta, is one another excellent advanced term called as “TraceMonkey”.

Almost all software programs are compiled into the binary code for making faster execution of the programs. On the other hand, the running takes longer time for responding, because the JavaScript takes line by line execution.

The program TraceMonkey (also known as just-in-time compiler), is intended to focus only on the selected high-priority portion for translating of the software. It finds repeated activity loops (where the program usually spends more time). Then it gets compiled into the local commands that computer can recognize. Ultimately the web browsing performance gets enhanced drastically.

By default the TraceMonkey feature is turned off in Firefox 3.1 because it is not bug-free completely. However user can turn on to change the value in the configuration settings. Due to this, web browsing becomes faster with only in few simple steps.

  1. First, launch your Firefox browser.
  2. Type “about:config” In the location bar, then hit enter button.
  3. A warning page will be displayed as “This might void your warranty!” .Just click on “I’II be careful, I promise!” option to continue.
  4. Type “javascript.options.jit.chrome” in the Filter textbox.
  5. Finally you have to double click on “javascript.options.jit.chrome” below Preference Name to modify the value as of False to True.

This will assist you to enable TraceMonkey hopefully. In the end, you will find your net surfing experience a rather enjoyable one.


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