Working with audio files using Wavosaur

It is hard to come by an audio editing tool that has all of what it takes. Generally, if one application has some features that you like, it will not have some others – and this is the story for almost all of the softwares that are out there. Well – almost, but not quite. The Wavosaur audio editing software has been designed with exactly this in mind – which the user should feel lacking at the end of the day.

Wavosaur lets you play with audio files as you feel like – letting you tweak bitrates, DC offsets, pitch, vocals, noise backgrounds, etc. the list of features of this multi-tasking and lightweight application is extensive. Here is a short summary list of the primary features.

  • You have a wide ranging audio capability list – including import of multiple file formats (such as aif, aif, mp3, raw binary sounds, Akai S100 samples, wavpacks, etc.); recording from your sound card; real-time sampling of audio files; multi-channel inputs; and export of audio data in text format so that you can work with them in platforms such as Matlab, Pspice, or Excel.
  • Advanced features of this software include various tools that let resample files, crossfade and loop, interpolate a selection, auto-trim, shift the pitch, convert bit-depth, and so on.
  • Analysis features include detailed statistics regarding the frequency spectrum and sonograms of the various channels, RMS power, oscilloscope visualization of the audio tracks, and waveform generators.
  • The interface is also designed effectively and logically so that you can work with multiple files simultaneously, select different portions of the file, and execute basic operations such as copy, paste, cut, mix, delete, trim, crop, etc. Apart from these, there are zoom, fade in/out, and other options as well.

This in-depth tool is compatible with all Windows versions and the best part is that it is completely free. You can download it from here.


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