Download WirelessDMS iPhone Client For Viewing And Managing Documents

Matrix Logic Corporation, a universal leader in Livelink ECM-eDOCS DM products, has come up with a new utility for iPhone called “WirelessDMS iPhone Client”. This new application allows you to use your iPhone or iPod to access business papers with the help of Open Text eDOCs while you are not at your desk.

Once you download the client application onto your iPhone, you can use WirelessDMS iPhone Client from your iPhone App Store free of cost. It efficiently accesses the documents via a network connection using Server module of WirelessDMS iPhone. You need to purchase the module and install it on office servers. Apart from viewing documents, the application also allows you to send an email as attachment 

WirelessDMS iPhone Client offers enhanced features such as quicksearches, recent edits, scaling/ rotating capabilities, PDF, images and viewing Office documents.

Stephen Page, President, Matrix Logic, believes that this application one of its kind and ideal for any DMS (Document Management System). He has also stated that the development of this application is a part of their commitment to facilitating users to access crucial information anywhere, anytime.

Page also said that, if a user is away from office and a customer calls with a query regarding a proposal that is present on his office server, he can easily use his iPhone for searching the file and viewing the text as he discusses it with the client. Users no more need to rely on their memory, wait till they are back to the office or look for a wireless network to log in to their office system from their laptop.

Open Text eDOCs is a perfect solution that is ideal for small as well as large size businesses. It facilitates lifecycle management of data for an enterprise. DMS server is available at a one-time license fee and the SSS (Software Subscription Service) charge needs to be paid annually, which include technical support and software updates.


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