Keep a Record of Your Facebook Profile with “Download Your Information” Feature

These days, Facebook is the most famous Social Networking Site worldwide and the people who use Internet very frequently mostly have an account on it. Facebook has made the world very small place to live in by allowing us to share almost everything with our family and friends and the best part is – all this can be done without visiting them in person, but just by posting messages, photos, videos and other information in your account.

You might have your own reasons to download all the information you’ve uploaded on Facebook for future reference. Facebook provides a feature where in you can download all your information from your account with “Download Your Information” feature.

What all personal information can I download from Facebook ?

The “Download Your Information” will allow you to take a copy of everything you have uploaded onto your account, like your personal details on your profile, posted videos and photos, status update, events, messages, friend lists and wall posts, etc.

Things to keep in mind while downloading your personal information from Facebook :

I hope you understand the underlying security risk with the downloaded information. Once the information is downloaded to your desktop / laptop, everyone who uses your desktop or laptop will have access to all the information that was personal to you on Facebook within your profile. Technically speaking, who ever has access to your system (laptop / desktop) will able to see all your private data (pictures, videos, messages, wall posts), which was earlier protected by a password.

You should be very careful here and ensure you never upload this content to any other website as there can be possibilities of the data being available in public via search engines.  You can keep such confidential data in a secure locked folder.

The ‘Download Your Information’ feature might not be available to all users at the moment, but soon it’ll be available. However, users can see the demo of this feature on their Facebook account.

Video walk through explaining- How to download your personal information from FaceBook:


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