Yplay is an application that helps you to play various audio formats. The interface is very user friendly and you are able to access different menu screens by clicking on the right button of the mouse. The player supports most of the popular formats prevailing today. It also supports a voice recognition engine.

The big plus of Yplay is its surprisingly simple interface which only has main features. Most of the requirements are automated and an average user would find it extremely easy and convenient to use the interface. There are no complicated options to choose and in most cases the application works by itself.

The interface does not have an awesome look and there is no provision to change the look and feel of the interface. It does look ordinary as compared to many other applications; but is functionally rich and convenient to use.

Yplay can manage about 100 playlists which can be built, modified and renamed as per your wish. This provides you a true playlist library and you have the additional facility to copy these playlists to any other location of your hard disk and also to your mobile device.

Yplay has an excellent filter which is very efficient and useful for search functions. Further the program uses very minimal system resources. What is surprising is that such a versatile player does not have an equalizer which is a very clear drawback.

Download yPlay from this link.


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