This is indeed good news for all soap opera lovers in India, for 2011 promises to give them most of their favourite operas in HD. Although HDTV is witnessing high sales, it is incomplete without the total availability of HD format [as far as TV channels are concerned]. News is that many TV channels are preparing to get full HD in 2011 and are brushing up their methods with valuable content.

  • Star India Pvt Ltd will contain 4 channels in HD by 2011 namely Star Plus, Star World, Star Gold and Star Movies. In addition, Star Plus can also be availed in the HD format via Tata Sky HD and several other DTH providers.
  • A new serial Dor is being recorded in HD which will be aired on Star Plus beginning February 2011.
  • The General Hindi Entertainment Channels as Zee TV, Sony and Imagine are all set to telecast their already recorded serials in HD.
  • The National Channel Doordarshan managed individually by the states, will also telecast in HD. Approximately Rs. 145 cr [~$33350000] has already been set aside for the conversion of the present system to the HD format, including upgrading of the studios.
  • Khana Khazana, the food channel and a project of Zee TV is also telecast in HD.
  • Apparently India’s first HD format came through Discovery HD World, released in March 2010.
  • Of late, it was Times Now Network to bring out Movies Now, a Hollywood HD movie channel from 19th Dec.
  • Even the Common Wealth Games at Delhi this year, came out via the HD format.

To avail these facilities, your investment too is essential, for you will have to purchase a HDTV and a set-up box will supports HD format. You do have a wide choice, for most DTH providers are now giving you this facility too. This may be great, for almost everyone is eagerly looking forward to this facility increasing the sales of HDTVs in India.

Of course, along with this group there is yet another group which is still waiting for more channels to adapt HD format, before they can think of getting a HDTV for themselves. People are looking forward to DVR support for these channels through Tata Sky or any other service providers. At present, Reliance Big Tv gives you a HD DVR. Best news is that all the HD channels are available in 1080i format instead of the 1080p format.

Although 1080i is of a lesser quality interlaced scan format not indicating True HD, it works well with TVs with higher frequency, 100Hz or 200Hz TVs, as it helps to erase the flicker that accompanies the 1080i format. This facility brings to you your favorite soaps in a cinema like feeling. It is said that in a span of 2 years, High Definition will grow to great heights in the entertainment world.

This technology is expensive and shooting costs increase the cost of production too. Let’s say a show would cover a cost of Rs 1 lakh, but when you look at it in terms of HD, its cost would shoot up by 15 to 40% more. Experts say that there is a challenge in getting trends people who know the technical aspect of HD, and a lot goes into training personnel.

It will mean the entire value chain rather than only the service providers or broadcasters, will have to transform from Standard Definition SD to High Definition HD. There is also the problem of HD transmissions restricted to 4 standard channels, but this is now being solved by the DTH providers through set-top boxes, which again will cost dearer than regular prices. Sanjay Gupta of Star is of the opinion that the actual value of HD will be when 20 channels instead of the present 4-5 channels will be offered in HD to the people.


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