When I have nothing to do, I debate with myself and this time I debated what IP Address was. They are almost just numbers with dots (. ) between them and also hard to recollect. Some Net Service Suppliers ( ISP ) provides dynamic IP address that means that each time you disconnect and reconnect back to the Net, you will get a different IP address than the prior one.

It’s pretty costly to get a static ip address for running services like FTP, WWW and etc Thankfully there are Dynamic DNS services! Check out No-IP, The Dynamic DNS Leader which they allegedly No-IP gets rid of the necessity to remember IP address, ever again. Sign up is free and they also offers paid packages like And , Reinforced , Squared and Free.

See the package comparison. I personally use the FREE service and am considering to get the positive Managed DNS since it’s only USD24.95 / year. I do a ton of remote access in different sites particularly from my PDA to home and office PCs / servers. It’s helpful, I recommend you should try it.

Those who are interested in knowing what dynamic DNS, head to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamic_DNS.


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