Easily Access Multiple Gmail Accounts In Internet Explorer 8 At Once

If you have multiple Gmail accounts and are trying to open your multiple all accounts at once in the Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) browser, then you’ll face a real annoying situation. By default IE8 shares all the session cookies (session cookies are nothing but temporary cookies which stays for the browsing session time of user) in between all the running tabs and Windows. When you sign in to your Gmail account in a window, you can’t open one more tab or window which allows you to login to your another Gmail account.

When you open a new window to log in to the other gmail account, the window will automatically redirected to the logged in window of the first Gmail account. Likewise, if you log out from the gmail account from any one opened window, another opened window will automatically be logged out. There is an easiest way to open multiple accounts at the same time is to open another browser such as Safari or Firefox.

You can also use an inbuilt feature called as “NoMerge” in the IE8. By doing some simple modifications to the default performance, you could use “NoMerge” to open a totally fresh Windows session with no session cookies sharing. You could thereof, log in to multiple email accounts at a time without any type of annoyance.

Just go through the following step by step guide to tweak IE8 and apply NoMerge option switch.

  • First, browse to C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer.
  • On IE8 icon, right click and select “Send to desktop” option from the context menu.
  • Now, come back to desktop and right click on the created shortcut. Select “Properties”.
  • Append the option named as “-NoMerge” in the “Target” field.
  • The whole command will be like: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” -NoMerge

Now, all you have to do is just double click on the shortcut and login to multiple Gmail accounts at once.


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