Easily Backup And Restore Email In Gmail Account

Loss of an email from Gmail is almost next to impossible, and that is why people prefer to save their important mails on the Gmail servers. You could also automate it with the help software application called Gmail Backup. The tool Gmail Backup allows the Gmail user to backup of mail regularly. Gmail users can also restore their mails with this tool whenever they need it again.

The tool Gmail backup has the ability to backup the entire emails together with the mail information like the date, labels, from and so on. This tool uses the inbuilt Gmail IMAP facility to backup the email massages. It saves the email messages in the Microsoft EML format that permit restoring to new mail client, for instance on the Microsoft Outlook.

The Gmail Backup tool is obtainable in two editions, Windows and Linux. The Windows edition is available along with the user friendly interface. All you have to do is just put your email address and password and pick the destination folder where you would like to backup to. After doing that, you need to just click on Backup option to begin the backup process.

The Linux edition is available only in command line. You can download the Gmail Backup utility from www.gmail-backup.com/download free of charge.



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