Easily Create iTunes Store Account Without Providing Credit Card Details

The database of free applications in iTunes store is going on expanding with innumerable updates and latest applications. Almost all iPhone or iPod users try to get a free account on iTunes store so that they can download and install any free application in the iTunes store.

To sign up in iTunes store, you should have a credit card and this is a main problem that most of users have to face. Most of the applications can be downloaded by US users only and this is another serious problem.

However, now you can create iTunes account without giving details of credit card. Your account will be created as an US user in iTunes store.

  1. Firstly, run iTunes on your PC.
  2. Go to home page of iTunes Store.
  3. Select your country as US. You can select it at the bottom most part of page.
  4. Go to Top Free Apps option then Get App and then Create Account.
  5. Enter random address details of US country and then click Continue button.
  6. Now, a page for payment mode will be displayed. You have to select “None as your payment option.
  7. Finally click on Finish button.

From now, you can download unlimited applications in your iPod/iPhone using your own iTunes Store account for free without credit card.

Note: – You must follow the above instructions as given. You will surely miss “None” option for the payment mode when you create your account straightly from logon box. Furthermore, you’ll have to then provide then your credit cards details compulsorily for creating your account.



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