Easily Synchronize Files With FileMyster Freeware

Normally, we tend to try the copy and paste work to synchronize the files in between two PCs. However, this task is one of the much tedious tasks. Now, here is the helpful administration tool namely FileMyster which makes this job done easily. FileMyster is a freeware with which you could manually or automatically synchronize all data between two folders or two computers. This administration tool supports media files such as movies, music files and other documents.

 You will find the following features in the FileMyster administration tool.
• Capability to synchronizes all new files
• Offers two way or one way synchronization process
• Contain exactly similar files with half mirror (destination only) and full mirror (source/destination)
• You could specify the file type which has to be exclude or include in the sync process
• You could schedule the synchronizations monthly, weekly or daily according to your own preference
• Saves deleted or overwritten files automatically after the configuration
• Displays the log having full details of each synchronization
• You will be able to configure every slot individually with infinite slots.
• Active Directory Accounts has been integrated with Auto-synchronization service
FileMyster is very useful application and it works well on Windows Server 2003, XP, Server 2008, Vista and 7.

Use the following two links to download FileMyster.


FileMyster (Portable Version)


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