Easily View Contents inside the Clipboard in Windows XP and Vista

Most of the times, you might be surprised if you know the contents in the clipboard, before deciding to overwrite on something, or while you’re pasting it into the document file.

Rather than viewing the contents inside via opening the word document or notepad, you could follow the mentioned fast technique that allows you to read the clipboard content by just an easy click.

To show the contents inside the clipboard, you can execute it with running clipbrd.exe. It will display the content inside clipboard when the clipboard is launched. Clipbrd.exe comes along with the Windows XP setup, and it is placed below C:\WINDOWS\system32.

To access this function in quicker technique, you should make a shortcut and place it in computers’ desktop. Following is a step by step process to make the shortcut intended for this function:

  1. Firstly, make a right click of your mouse in the blank space on desktop. Go to New and select Shortcut.
  2. The pop up window named as ‘Create Shortcut window’ will be appeared, type: %windir%\System32\clipbrd.exe, hit Next button.
  3. Give the name for this newly created shortcut, such as: Clipbrd.exe and then click Finish button.

This function is not present in the package of windows Vista. However, you can copy the clipbrd.exe from Windows XP and paste it on Windows Vista under C:\Windows\System32. You then be able to create the desktop shortcut by following the steps mentioned above.


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