Easy And Secure Sharing Of E-Mails On The Net


It is a very common practice to share emails through sites like Twitter, Skype, and Facebook, but this convenience can come at the cost of safety of your email accounts.

Numerous email harvesters and spam robots are ready to access information from these networking sites. Clicking on a spam accidently can lead to your information being accessed by a third person and lead to misuse of your personal account.


scr.im is a service that allows users to share and access their emails safely and reduce spam. This Internet service converts the email address into a safe and short URL.



You can also define a URL on your own, thus making it simpler for you to remember the new and safer address.  It is extremely simple to implement. If your email id is [email protected] then you can define your own URL as http://scr.im/xyz, which is closest to your personal email address.

On clicking the new URL, you will be directed to a check page which will reveal your protected and safe email address.

Emails are extremely vulnerable these days and n order to have a secure and safe email account, scr.im is the best thing you can bet on.


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