Easy Protection To USB Drives

One of the most common applications among computer users is copying files from one device to the other. This can be carried forward by using USB Drives. These drives are extremely convenient to use and because of their small size, can be carried anywhere you want to. Pen drives these days come in various memory spaces and thus you can choose one as per your liking.

Instead of carrying your laptops to office or college, you can always carry a pen-drive and copy the required files or data into it and then store it in your devices. This seems to be extremely easy and efficient, but it comes with its own risks. These drives can easily affect your machine with viruses and other malwares if you don’t have an updated antivirus program installed in your machine.

These days’ viruses are very well crafted and can cause damage to the files stored in your drive and further cause great damage to your machine too. The solution to this problem can be obtained by installing an antivirus program in your drive. A better and convenient option is by making the USB Drive write protected.

Floppy Disks always had a write protection switch or slide which helped secure the data stored in it. These days some of the USB Drives also have this switch that makes your drive read- only. You need not worry if your drive doesn’t have this slide or switch. There’s an alternate way to make your drive write – protected.

The best way to write protect your drive is by editing its registry settings, and this is the last option you want to depend on then there are other applications that help you make your drive write-protected.

The PenProtector is one of the most useful applications that help your drive become write protected. This application helps your pen drive stay secure and prevents it from getting affected by malwares, viruses and Trojans. This application is compatible with all the versions of Windows Operating System.

ThumbScrew is another application that helps in the cause of making your drive write-protected and hence virus free. Once installed, it is very easy to implement and make your pen drive read only. You can download this application absolutely free from Here

With the above mentioned applications and other applications like USB Write Protector you can easily protect your drive from being accessed and make it read only. The best parts of these applications are that they are user friendly and can be easily used and accessed.


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